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@ Geno’s Rock Club, 625 Congress St.,
Portland, Maine. $7. 21+. 9PM doors.

Photos by Ben McCanna

Photo by Ben McCanna

SYLVIA (Maine)
”A four-piece blackened-sludge outfit… Sylvia offer varying speeds and tempos, accelerating to enable thunderous drum beats replete with furious guitar riffs that crush souls… before abruptly taking a foot off the gas to pummel you into submission with lurching, sinister breakdowns. This effect is best illustrated by the lead track from their most recent full-length, self-titled album.” – Steve Smithwick, The Toilet Ov Hell

CHURCHBURN (Rhode Island / New York)
Churchburn is the musical collaboration between two of the undergrounds masters of misery. Dave Suzuki, best known for his mesmerizing guitar work and brutal drumming in Vital Remains and Ray McCaffrey, who carved out sonic drum patterns for Sin Of Angels and Grief. The two have set out to share with the world their love of the Riff. Not only the most heavy but also the most haunting. Churchburn’s newest release, “The Awaiting Coffins,” is out now on Armageddon Shop.

The Vomit Arsonist

“[Andrew] Grant has increasingly turned this project into an outlet for more atmospheric, though no less unsettling noisescapes that skillfully combine bleak blackened droning electronics and moody synth melodies with blasts of intense distorted heaviness… combining crushing low-end drones and swirling black synthesizers with echoing, time-stretched voice samples… as if there are new depths to these dark rumbling drones, more monstrous exhalations of industrial dread.” – Crucial Blast review of “An Occasion For Death” CD (Malignant Records)

Photo by Ben McCanna

SHABTI (Maine)
”Overflowing with riffs that have structural difficulty (without any Racer X-style solos), Paracusia remains an album of songs, not Berklee-trained boredom. The mid-range sound of the guitars snarl in and out of pure death metal, thrash, and black metal atonality, but flow from one section to another in a manner that always makes sense and keeps you attuned to the composition beneath the performances.” – Worm Gear review of “Paracusia” CD (self-released)