[ :Facebook event: ]
@ Geno’s Rock Club, 625 Congress St.,
Portland, Maine. $7. 21+. 9PM doors.

Photos by Ben McCanna

Photo by Ben McCanna

From the hearts and minds that conjured up Portland, Maine’s Awaas, Conifer and Purse: this is Say John Earl. A meditative air-moving project, that strips itself down of the form that exists in the members’ other works. Drawing on the stark, the subtle and the sublime – fostering more of an experience than a performance – the band nods due acknowledgement to pioneers Earth, Swans, Grateful Dead and Harvey Milk. With demos “Gurldine” & “Joyful Participation In The Sorrows of The World,” S.J.E. evokes contorted psalms of heaviness that deliberate the line between submission and dissension.


BLEAK (New York)
Hailing from Syracuse, Bleak is a hardcore/sludge operation that hits hard and leaves no survivors. The members, all mainstays of the hardcore / metal / punk scene in Syracruse, have been crushing eardrums in countless other bands before coming together to form Bleak two years ago. Since that time they have released a couple of demos, splits, and an EP, while touring consistently throughout the East Coast and Midwest. Their debut full-length album will see release this summer on the New York label, Hex Records.


BRIDE (Pennsylvania)
Bride shares members with Pennsylvianian ritualistic noise act T.O.M.B. and dark blues group Dreadlords. The band’s debut release “Moonchild” on Black Angel’s Death Cult clocks in at almost eighty minutes. It’s safe to say Bride shares T.O.M.B.’s infatuation with ceremony and the occult. However, Bride are almost the sonic antithesis of that band’s harsh noise, focusing more on new age keyboard textures and borderline ambient soundscapes, with the occasional wordless vocal and even acoustic guitar. “Moonchild” is a transportive, haunting and at times hauntingly beautiful collection that pays tribute to the mysteries of life, death, spirituality and nature.


“The futility of a ‘sterile garden’ is conjured here by [Jacob] DeRaadt and his friends’ sordid, industrial vistas. Each side is separated into multiple brief pieces by brief hiccoughs of silence, asserting a distinct texture for each individual bit – yet the common element is a sense of shapes being vaguely perceived amidst curtains of noise-fog and tempered squall. Amidst the mix are various tape-tropes: reverberant beams of warehouse clatter, obfuscated vocal mush, mysterious loops of unknown significance. There is certainly a theme of primitivism here – this files in most adeptly with a certain breed of weird-hometaperism from the mid-eighties, when bedroom dubbers detailed abstract environments and harsh realities on grainy cassettes.” – from Vital Weekly’s review of Sterile Garden “Self-Titled” (cassette by Mazurka Editions)

Photo by Ben McCanna
Photo by Ben McCanna

From the ashes of power electronics unit Erroraeon and its debut DVD release “Instinct of Self-Annihilation,” emerges Portland’s J.Morse with a reconfigured approach as Nycterent. This new format ‘ups the ante’ by introducing even more overwhelming visual/lighting stimulus synchronized with its eclectic noise/sampling audio component – embracing a more ritualistic presentation – while unabashedly engaging concepts of paranoia, claustrophobia and irretrievable loss. Nycterent’s debut – a split recording with Portland dark ambient outfit Scrotal Tear – will see release in early summer via a joint effort by Slave Indvstries Collective and Last Mercy Emissions. NOTE: There is heavy strobe activity used for this set, audience members with epilepsy should use caution.

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