[ :Facebook event: ]
@ Geno’s Rock Club, 625 Congress St.,
Portland, Maine. $7. 21+. 9PM doors.

[ show documentation ]

Photos by Ben McCanna

Photo by Ben McCanna
Photo by Ben McCanna

SYLVIA (Maine)
”A four-piece blackened-sludge outfit… Sylvia offer varying speeds and tempos, accelerating to enable thunderous drum beats replete with furious guitar riffs that crush souls… before abruptly taking a foot off the gas to pummel you into submission with lurching, sinister breakdowns. This effect is best illustrated by the lead track from their most recent full-length, self-titled album.” – Steve Smithwick, The Toilet Ov Hell


BLANK (Köln, Germany)
“Blank brings to mind demonic hardcore in the vein of Integrity and powerful crust similar to His Hero is Gone – just with far clearer production and surprisingly tasteful guitar tone.” – Joe Thrashnkill, The Toilet Ov Hell, in review of Sangharsha/Blank’s “Intermundia”

“Darkened crust, with minor but epic melodies, raw vocals, punchy and slightly overdriven bass lines. Mostly mid-tempo based Blank’s music doesn’t stay on the same place for too long, sometimes it’s cut by fast d-beat outbursts, slower passages, backed up by sing-alongs or spoken word samples.” – Angel S., DIY Conspiracy, in review of Sangharsha/Blank’s “Intermundia”


“…four men from Nepal relocated to New York City and started a rad hardcore band called Sangharsha (whose debut LP Bayou was recorded with Kurt Ballou at Toilet-renowned God City Studio)… Sangharsha opens Intermundia with the brilliant “Ghrina”. It begins with a massive blackgaze caterwaul before limping to a wounded crawl; vocals emerge from the stillness, and soon the band launches into a chaotic hardcore trek. “Kira” meshes a shifting groove with furious blastbeats and a spazzy breakdown that should be a pleasure for Botch fans. “Saran” finds Sangharsha working with atmosphere and surprisingly brutal death vox before closing out their half in a triumphant stomp.” – Joe Thrashnkill, The Toilet Ov Hell, in review of Sangharsha/Blank’s “Intermundia”

Photo by Ben McCanna
Photo by Ben McCanna

“Trashy, thrashy, dirty, grindy noise made by two dicks from Portland and some guy from Parsonsfield. Our music is like riding a skateboard while holding on to the tailgate of a speeding pickup truck…. This will NOT be our last show. ” – Nick Marquis, bassist for Swarmlord

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