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@ dBasement, Cedar St., Portland, Maine.
$5 suggested donation. 8pm.

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Photos by Ben McCanna

Photo by Ben McCanna

“…Mugwort comes bursting from the gate with their debut release… the desolate soundscape is composed, not so much by the lack of complexity and movement, but more so with the dissonance of the chord structures and tonality… [The release] is an homage to the golden age of doom and black metal we all know and love, the days of Burzum, St. Vitus, and Sleep. It is a refreshing take on a genre that is now monopolized by bands that abandon structure and, in turn, replace it with experimental noodle-fests.” – Dylan Greene, The Portland Phoenix


TOVARISH (Rhode Island)
Based in Providence, Rhode Island (USA) and combining dark ambient electronics, metal guitars and excruciatingly inhuman vocals, TOVARISH explore themes such as bio-terrorism, man-made disasters and paranoia. Glacially-paced, cold, and depressive, their music challenges listeners with dense, aleatory textures offering only fleeting respite in brief moments of coherent rhythm and melody. Also featuring the stunning voice of Yoshiko Ohara (of BLOODY PANDA fame), “This Terrible Burden” is a destructive work made on drones, guitars and inhuman vocals! Highly recommended if you like acts as Gnaw Their Tongues or Khanate.


“Entering Sterling Black’s world is like climbing into a shadowy gutter where trash rules, everything sounds broken in a good way, and rock n’ roll is still king. The 26-year-old musician lives in a private nightmare, and quietly issues fiery, scary rock records at an alarming pace. They’re the kind of albums people don’t make anymore, full of sleaze and youthful energy but also soaked through with a real sense of danger. It’s the knife hidden in Gene Vincent’s boot, or the broken and bloodied glass left on the floor after a Stooges gig.” – Jakob Battick, The Portland Phoenix

Photo by Robert Hyde
Photo by Robert Hyde

Scrotal Tear’s ongoing mission is to unlock gateways that, once opened, are difficult to close; to embrace those things better left unspoken and undone. Forged by Remy Brecht [Slave Cylinder, Phallus Uber Alles], Scrotal Tear took shape in the late 1990’s while Brecht was enrolled in university courses on Abnormal Psychology, The Black Death and the History of Western Occultism. Throughout the past decade, the project has been a personal research/expressive project for Brecht, existing under the cover of darkness, in the discipline & under the influence of labels such as Malignant Records and Cold Meat Industry. No flesh shall be spared.

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