Collage by Jacob DeRaadt // typesetting by J.Morse

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@ brownhauss, Portland, Maine.
$5 suggested donation. 7pm.
E-mail lastmercy [at] yahoo [dot] com for venue address.

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Photos by Ben McCanna


DREAM DOG$ (Maine)
“Brown noise from the depths of brownhauss.”
Comprised of members of Portland’s CONJJJECTURE & NEW BABY METH GODS, the hosts of brownhauss unleash a noise set projecting the more abstract side of their esoteric language.


Collaborative project from FRKSE (Massachusetts) & HUSERE GRAV (Florida)

FRKSE: “These sounds draw you in as the tape rolls, and become indispensable with subsequent listens. Huge droning scapes woven together from long forgotten leftover strands of sound – creating brilliantly simple and emotionally pummeling music. FRKSE are warm and inviting, but sow the emotional seeds of loss on this bleak, layered soundtrack…shoegazing goth for the genuinely damaged.” -Terminal Escape

HUSERE GRAV: “The mysterious Husere Grav arose from the ashes of black metal duo Homunculus in 2006, and over the past eight years has released some spectacular pieces of dread-filled industrial blackness. Following the 2012 CD Ten Graves, as well as splits with Meditations, TRTRKMMR and Robedoor, their latest full-length offering comes via the Crucial Blaze imprint. The macabre ambience and ghostly black drift of You Are Transparent recalls the charnel perfume of early-’90s black metal, the desolate early industrial sounds of the Broken Flag label and the subterranean reverberations that Lustmord pioneered on albums like Heresy and The Monstrous Soul.” – Crucial Blast

Photo by Ben McCanna
Photo by Ben McCanna

Scrotal Tear’s ongoing mission is to unlock gateways that, once opened, are difficult to close; to embrace those things better left unspoken and undone. Forged by Remy Brecht [Slave Cylinder, Phallus Uber Alles], Scrotal Tear took shape in the late 1990’s while Brecht was enrolled in university courses on Abnormal Psychology, The Black Death and the History of Western Occultism. Throughout the past decade, the project has been a personal research/expressive project for Brecht, existing under the cover of darkness, in the discipline & under the influence of labels such as Malignant Records and Cold Meat Industry. No flesh shall be spared.


STERILE GARDEN (Colorado/Maine)
“The futility of a ‘sterile garden’ is conjured here by [Jacob] DeRaadt and his friends’ sordid, industrial vistas. Each side is separated into multiple brief pieces by brief hiccoughs of silence, asserting a distinct texture for each individual bit – yet the common element is a sense of shapes being vaguely perceived amidst curtains of noise-fog and tempered squall. Amidst the mix are various tape-tropes: reverberant beams of warehouse clatter, obfuscated vocal mush, mysterious loops of unknown significance. There is certainly a theme of primitivism here – this files in most adeptly with a certain breed of weird-hometaperism from the mid-eighties, when bedroom dubbers detailed abstract environments and harsh realities on grainy cassettes.” – from Vital Weekly’s review of Sterile Garden “Self-Titled” (cassette by Mazurka Editions)

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