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@ dBasement, Cedar St., Portland, Maine.
$5 suggested donation. 8pm sharp.

No photographer designated for this event.
To contribute please e-mail lastmercy [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Photo by Ben McCanna
Photo by Ben McCanna

“…Mugwort comes bursting from the gate with their debut release… the desolate soundscape is composed, not so much by the lack of complexity and movement, but more so with the dissonance of the chord structures and tonality… The primal shrieks come riding in on the wings of fast trilling guitar in a higher register, causing the piece to turn from a driving sludgefeast to something more along the lines of early black metal… ” – Dylan Greene, The Portland Phoenix

*This will be Mugwort’s last show for an indefinite period – due to family responsibilities, traveling, etc.

FullSizeRender (2)

“Leather Chalice is a project from Jan Slezak of Ramlord. And Ramlord are one of the filthiest (that is, greatest) blackened crust bands around… Leather Chalice is a different beast to Ramlord. The band’s “Sweet Perfume of Coffin Air” release this year maintained a healthy obsession with metal and crust, but there was also hissing synthesized noise and an ultra-lo-fi post-punk pulse running throughout. “Sweet Perfume…” was harsh, primal, and raw, and there was plenty of black metal’s second wave buzz and fuzz to be heard. However, [it] definitely deserves a spot on this list for being so wilfully unaccommodating – that is, punk rock.” – Six Noises review of “Sweet Perfume of Coffin Air”


New blood from Portland, Maine – this band seemingly came out of nowhere – only to unleash a crippling self-released EP entitled “Raped by Death.” This will be the band’s second show ever. Prepare for total war.

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“Being a symbolic gesture of globalized commerce rather than a functional indicator of the start of a day’s trading, Wall Street’s opening bell now acts as a signifier of a bygone era, one that was less of a total mindfuck. In effect, it is a cop out resorting to nostalgia and performativity. Opening Bell, on the other hand, accepts the truth-or-dare proposition of modern relevancy and meets this challenge head on by drawing upon and amalgamating a disparate array of influences, reaching into the back of their slimy craniums to create something singular and unprecedented. Crumbling walls of guitar meet a subterranean clangor of warped sounds on the way to the gutter, all the while being propelled by a rhythmic current as the drums take a swan dive into the cavernous darkness and blast things to pieces. This is music that looks at our uniquely fucked age square in the eye and demands answers.” – Butternut Johnson, 2013

Photo by Ghost

Pronounced “NIK-tur-int” – this is Portland, Maine deathnoise from J.Morse [ex-Erroraeon/Last Mercy Emissions]. Epilepsy warning: performance incorporates heavy strobe usage, please be advised.

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