[ :Facebook event: ]
@ SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St.,
Portland, Maine. 18+. 8PM doors.
$6 adv. tix [here] / $8 door.

[ :show documentation: ]
Photos by Michael R. Batchelder
Final Boss photos by J.Morse


KYOTY (New Hampshire)
“There’s no mistaking KYOTY’s kinetic riffs and sprawling post-metal sound. The sheer force of their booming industrial oscillations is enough to pulverize eardrums, while their atmospheric shoegazing captivates the mind. In 2009, Nick Filth, Nathaniel Parker Raymond, and Robert Brown began a musical exploration that reached a new level this month with the release of “Geomancy I,” the first album in a three-part series. A year and a half in the making, it reveals a powerfully accurate representation of the band’s intense live shows.” – Andrew Wallace, The Sound

“It’s hard to think about an atmospheric sludge metal band as being calming, but it is because of the way that KYOTY paces their album and keeps a very deliberate tempo throughout songs (and when they change tempo it has a purpose!). When they add flourishes to the standard sludge or post-metal template, it is often in such a way to make a song smoother and easier to digest than to be abrasive. It’s a nice change from the norm.” –

Sterling Black
Photo by Ben McCanna

“Entering Sterling Black’s world is like climbing into a shadowy gutter where trash rules, everything sounds broken in a good way, and rock n’ roll is still king. The 26-year-old musician lives in a private nightmare, and quietly issues fiery, scary rock records at an alarming pace. They’re the kind of albums people don’t make anymore, full of sleaze and youthful energy but also soaked through with a real sense of danger. It’s the knife hidden in Gene Vincent’s boot, or the broken and bloodied glass left on the floor after a Stooges gig.” – Jakob Battick, The Portland Phoenix

Photo by Ben McCanna

FRKSE (Massachusetts)
Boston experimentalist Rajen Bhatt’s project FRKSE returns to Portland once again with his brand of old school industrial, played live on samplers and noise boxes. Perhaps warm and inviting, these sounds sow the emotional seeds of loss on bleak, layered soundscapes that play more like a soundtrack. A very welcome addition to this event’s lineup, on Divergent Series label.

All Night
Photo by Michael R. Batchelder

Although a new outfit to the Portland music scene, All Night is comprised of members who are veterans to heavy & dynamic rock/metal in Maine. Featuring Eric Brackett on guitar (formerly the drummer for Ocean), Sean Hadley on bass (of Conifer) and Michael Hutchins on drums (guitarist of Adamo and Lynx). Harnessing a monolithic/minimalist approach, All Night’s sound projects like a beacon of light through stillness, blackness.


Providing interlude sets between the aforementioned bands’ performances is NYC’s Final Boss (on Sleeping Giant Glossolalia label). Comprised of members Don McLean (Action Beat), Armando Morales & Mike Reisinger (Opening Bell), the project demonstrates a very unique ‘bunkerbeat’ approach to experimental electronics. Prepare yourself for a hypnotizing, subtly haunting atmosphere to the evening.

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