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@ dBasement, Cedar St., Portland, Maine.
$5-$10 suggested donation. 8pm sharp.

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Photos by Heather Rose Murphy

Photo by Ben McCanna

FERAL (Maine)
“Journeys of transformation across the living earth, within and beyond. Being transfixed by eternity and death, becoming death (as when your life flashes before your eyes in a moment of extreme danger, disaster or illness and you connect with something more eternal than meat and emotions). It’s about those who succeed in transforming and surviving and those who fail and break in the same process, a herd of human animals trampling each other, changing, dying and escaping in the quest for some kind of frontier where ‘freedom’ has consequence, weight, and is more than just choices at the salad bar, but is instead the living and dying of all your friends and enemies and the rewriting of history in your own image.” – G.S. of Feral, interview by Robex Lundgren


HAXEN (Massachusetts/Rhode Island)
“part raw black metal chaos, part methodical bludgeoning” – No Clean Singing

“The album takes the listener through a vast landscape of dark and haunting black metal. Always raw and minimalistic, Haxen deliver both aggression and atmosphere in their music.” Eternal Death label on Haxen self-titled album

Photo by Ben McCanna

SEWER GODDESS (Massachusetts)
“The new-sound Sewer Goddess is huge. Not in number (there are three others besides Rose herself, with an extra guitarist appearing on one track), but in the sound they create. The heavy, doomy riffs that act as the scaffolding over which the tracks are built beg to be played at full volume (preferably while stuck in a massive traffic jam, with the windows open so that everyone can experience it together). It steamrolls forward, inexorable and crushing, a lumbering beat following the rhythm of the riffs at almost all times.” – Kate MacDonald of Heathen Harvest

Stone Crown
Photo by Michael R. Batchelder

As a replacement for Obsidian Tongue (who are unable to perform due to their drummer’s injury from a recent car accident), guitarist/vocalist Brendan James Hayter will perform as his solo doom manifestation: Stone Crown. Prepare yourself for sounds of grandeur, solemnity and majesty as this incarnation of Hayter’s expression is unleashed upon Portland once again.

Sterile Garden
Photo by Ben McCanna

Jacob DeRaadt of Sterile Garden steps up to replace the recently canceled New Baby Meth Gods.

“Sterile Garden presents a work of stark & desolate beauty, where shuddering percussion thinks nothing of thundering through the pitch dark droning emptiness of abandoned factory floors, decaying shipyards & post-apocalyptic android hovels.” – Beartown Records

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