Poster by Heather Benjamin

[ :Facebook event: ]
Portland, Maine.
for venue address.
$5 adv. / $5-$10 donation.
All ages, chem-free. 7:30PM.

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Photos by Joey Oey
Audio captured by Josh Yelle:
Full of Hell    Clean    Sire


FULL OF HELL (Maryland/Pennsylvania)
Full of Hell was formed in 2009 in Ocean City, Maryland. The band has remained prolific and relentless since and has continued to challenge themselves, channeling sounds from across the spectrum of extreme music into a nihilistic wall of oppressive sound. Collaborative album with The Body just released on Neurot Recordings.

Photo by Ben McCanna

CLEAN (Rhode Island)
“Providence’s CLEAN submit their newest cassette, HELL SO STRONG. Clean continue to carve out their own sound; bottomed out, chiseling away slowly, revealing a twisted mix of primitive metal and noise under dense rock.” – Strange High House


SIRE (Rhode Island)
Blasphemous black hell metal from Olneyville/Providence, RI.
Confrontational, not to be denied – expect the unexpected!

Scrotal Tear
Photo by Ben McCanna

Scrotal Tear’s ongoing mission is to unlock gateways that, once opened, are difficult to close; to embrace those things better left unspoken and undone. Forged by Remy Brecht [Slave Cylinder, Phallus Uber Alles], Scrotal Tear took shape in the late 1990’s while Brecht was enrolled in university courses on Abnormal Psychology, The Black Death and the History of Western Occultism. Throughout the past decade, the project has been a personal research/expressive project for Brecht, existing under the cover of darkness, in the discipline & under the influence of labels such as Malignant Records and Cold Meat Industry. No flesh shall be spared.

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