[ :Facebook event: ]
@ Geno’s Rock Club,
625 Congress St., Portland, Maine.
$6. 21+. 9PM.
Poster by Nick Filth.

[ :show documentation: ]
Photos by Michael R. Batchelder

Photo by Tom Couture

SHABTI (Maine)
Overflowing with riffs that have structural difficulty (without any Racer X-style solos), Paracusia remains an album of songs, not Berklee-trained boredom. The mid-range sound of the guitars snarl in and out of pure death metal, thrash, and black metal atonality, but flow from one section to another in a manner that always makes sense and keeps you attuned to the composition beneath the performances.”– Worm Gear review of “Paracusia” CD (self-released)


PSYCHIC WOUNDS (New Hampshire/Maine)
Psychic Wounds crack open a can of 1970’s psychedelia and imbue the whole with classic riffing and uncanny experimentation, leading you off the gravitational pull and into a restless void – while being screeched at profusely and with heinous lament. Not for the vain, nor the unguided.


“Here are the things we hearken to when listening to SUPERORDER’s Ten Cities: Chapters I-IV: Electric Light Orchestra, the films of James Cameron, ZZ Top (for some reason), reluctant comedowns after sweltering dubstep shows, Rick Wakeman, boss levels of 8-bit video games, Italo disco, new age consciousness, the old astrosphere at Funtown, vague ’90s nostalgia, Muppet Babies, and lying down sky-high in the center of a roller-skating rink. It’s a trip! Four tracks, 30-plus minutes of utterly unabashed prog-metal/witch-house theatrics. Perhaps M83 is the closest mainstream touchstone here, but these two dudes are so relentlessly epic it would probably make that pretty boy blush.” – Wax Tablet, Portland Phoenix

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