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@ dBasement, Cedar St., Portland, Maine.
$5-$10 suggested donation. 7pm.

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Photos by Tim Sullivan

Photo by Hillarie Jason

“After releasing a brilliant debut album “Subradiant Architecture” last summer, the Massachusetts-based duo Obsidian Tongue is back with their second installment “A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time.” Cold, unwavering, primal black metal with a rich organic sound and real melodic sensibilities, Obsidian Tongue has been praised for their exceptional balance of the melodic and raw aspects of black metal, and that is certainly apparent in the new material.

In May 2013, Obsidian Tongue returned to the analog Mystic Valley Studios in Medford, Massachusetts to record the new album. Consisting of 6 songs averaging 9 minutes in length, “A Nest of Ravens in the Throat of Time” is a psychedelic and introspective journey through the collective unconscious of Man and the dark half of the emotional spectrum; A sonic depiction of the spiritual affirmation and personal evolution attainable only through sorrow, anger and disillusionment. A noteworthy contribution to this musical odyssey has been made by John Haughm of the legendary dark metal outfit Agalloch, taking lead vocal duties for the album’s title track. Released in an appropriately minimalist fold out booklet with all lyrics included, Obsidian Tongue’s second release is the perfect sonic catharsis for fans of Enslaved, early-Opeth, Wolves in the Throne Room, Agalloch, Alda, Panopticon, Falls of Rauros, and Skagos. ….err fuck the specifications, for black metal fans in GENERAL.” – Hypnotic Dirge Records

Photo by Justine Murphy

Aerial Ruin, based in Portland, OR is the primarily acoustic solo project of Erik Moggridge whose current and former bands include Old Grandad, Drift of a Curse and the late eighties/early nineties thrash/death metal band Epidemic. Moggridge also serves as a guest vocalist/collaborator with Seattles doom duo Bell Witch, performing and recording on select songs and occasions.

Aerial Ruin channels the darkest of psychedelia in sonic ritual to a place where soaring heights and smoldering depths are one and the same. Though often referred to as folk music and influenced by the likes of Mark Lanegan and Syd Barrett hints of Moggridges diverse metal past can be heard lurking between the cracks of Aerial Ruins songs.

April 29, 2016 sees Aerial Ruin kick off an extensive North American tour in support of the vinyl release of the “ash of your cares” LP and new digital single “Igen”. This tour sees Aerial Ruin covering many regions of the US and Canada between late April and early July. Aerial Ruin will share the stage with a diversity of excellent bands/musicians in a variety of venues and DIY settings. This follows up extensive touring both in North America and Europe for much of 2015.

Photo by Veleda Thorsson

Nathanael Larochette is an Ottawa based guitarist and member of the chamber folk trio Musk Ox and the instrumental progressive metal band The Night Watch.

Earth and Sky is the new double album from Musk Ox/The Night Watch guitarist Nathanael Larochette. Consisting of two distinct yet complimentary albums, Earth is a collection of solo classical guitar works which act as the stark acoustic counterpart to Sky, a layered 40min ambient electric composition. The neofolk and post rock influences which inspired the creation of Musk Ox are each given their own space to breathe and evolve on Earth and Sky, creating an ever unfolding work of intimate vastness.


Tom Hamill has stepped up to replace Dwell In Moonblood.This music is memory, both the vaguely familiar and vividly recent. It’s youthful nostalgia and surreal daydreams. It’s the fleeting and ephemeral, but also what is persistent and reoccurring. It’s the sedan adventures of a 1950s teenager, 1980s apocalyptic fear, the grain in the Hi8 film of a 1990s home video. Most of all, it’s remembering how to use your imagination to go back.

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