[ :Facebook event: ]
@ dBasement, Cedar St., Portland, Maine.
$5-$10 suggested donation. 8pm.
Flyer by Remy Brecht.

Much to our disappointment,
One Master canceled for this show.

[ :show documentation: ]
Photos by Don Marietta

Photo by Michael R. Batchelder

Sent from the deepest depths of the swirling void, Apollyon was conjured to annihilate and conquer. Upon the gathering of four death obsessed, sleaze ridden, hellhounds, a ripping metal death campaign was set into motion. Nocturnal sluts and beer drinking hellraisers everywhere will soon know to heed the call of the coffin and take the oath of allegiance to this unholy horde, or be crushed under cloven hooves. Apollyon’s blasphemous declarations of war upon false metal can be heard on the upcoming EP entitled “MIDNIGHT,” available 7/1.

Photo by Hillarie Jason

Founded in July 2011 by Nate Pellerin. After recording a few rough demos with a local drummer, the band was put on hold. Two years later, Josh Estes (also from Nate’s previous band, Gorehammer) joined and revived the band. Together, the two wrote new tracks and fine-tuned earlier ones before recording a demo in March 2015. Peucharist embarks on a full US tour this July.


Truthsayer’s roots lay in the short-lived death metal project, Heretical Scourge. After various lineup changes and abuse of the spice melange, the band gradually evolved into the Frank Herbert-inspired TRUTHSAYER once its members realized that they all shared an obsession with anything & everything related to outer space. Taking cues from such sci-fi classics as Dune, Krull, Event Horizon, and the Alien franchise, the band is now comprised of Remy Brecht (Scrotal Tear, Phallus Über Alles, The Body in the Kelp), David Dickson (Buried in the Woods, Damnationland), Charles Brant (Eyeball, HORSEPISS, Abortion Stork), and Michael Stoltz (Stay On Mars, Twins of Aries, SmokEye).

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