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@ SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St.,
Portland, Maine. All ages. 7:30 PM.

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Photos by Tom Couture
& Ryan Eyestone


Written almost exclusively in a windowless, black room over the long dark nights of winter 2005,Diadem of the 12 Stars was the first official Wolves In The Throne Room release. Re-imagining black metal as an ode to rain storms, wood smoke and the wild energies of the Pacific Northwest, Wolves In The Throne Room created a unique melancholic atmosphere. Diadem of 12 Stars is about lunar sorcery on Cascadian mountain tops and encounters with wild spirits.  In contrast to the icy, razor sharp soundscapes of their 90’s Norwegian forebears, the sound of Diadem is lush and ethereal, dripping with rain soaked moss and lichen.

In 2006, all but a few self-defined black metal acts performed live. In contrast, WITTR honed the material for Diadem by touring across the country’s basements and squats. Its raw analog sound in many ways pays homage to the band’s varied influences: the harsh black metal of Norwegians Ulver and Emperor or their American counterparts Weakling and Ludicra, the monolithic heaviness of Neurosis and Swans, the sorrowful Funeral Doom of My Dying Bride and in places, the mournful goth of Dead Can Dance. Yet, WITTR distills these inspirations to create a sound that is entirely their own.

Described by guitarist Nathan Weaver as the most raw and “punk” of their five full length releases Diadem was recorded live to tape in Oakland by Tim Green. Joined in the studio by Jamie Myers (Hammers of Misfortune / Sabbath Assembly ) and Dino Sommese (Asunder / Dystopia), every song was rendered in one or two takes and the album was mixed without the aid of a computer. Originally released on a small DIY label and unavailable physically for many years, this re-issued version has been carefully re-mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service.  The band re-developed every photograph from the original negatives, creating richer, high quality prints in order to present the artwork as originally envisioned.

Wolves In The Throne Room have released five studio albums, 2 EP’s & multiple live albums to date, including Diadem of 12 Stars (2006), Two Hunters (2007), Black Cascade (2008), Celestial Lineage (2011), Celestite (2014 –  an instrumental, experimental companion record to Celestial Lineage). They are currently working on new material, their heaviest and darkest in some time.

Photo by Tom Couture

FERAL (Maine)
“Journeys of transformation across the living earth, within and beyond. Being transfixed by eternity and death, becoming death (as when your life flashes before your eyes in a moment of extreme danger, disaster or illness and you connect with something more eternal than meat and emotions). It’s about those who succeed in transforming and surviving and those who fail and break in the same process, a herd of human animals trampling each other, changing, dying and escaping in the quest for some kind of frontier where ‘freedom’ has consequence, weight, and is more than just choices at the salad bar, but is instead the living and dying of all your friends and enemies and the rewriting of history in your own image.” – G.S. of Feral, interview by Robex Lundgren


NORTHERN CURSE (New Hampshire)
“We view this band as a raw and simple Black Metal band. No frills but a little hint of melody here and there. But obviously we all play in Hardcore bands. So I’m sure that sort of framework is worked in there. My brother and I grew up listening to Thrash and Death Metal so you might hear some of that shining through as well: Morbid Angel, Unleashed, Disincarnate, on the Death side of things and Sepultura, Slayer, Sarcofogo and probably Metallica on the Thrash side, and whatever else we’ve picked up along the way.” – Matt Serven of Northern Curse, interviewed by Decibel Magazine’s Demo:listen

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