[ :Facebook event: ]
@ Geno’s Rock Club,
625 Congress St., Portland, Maine.
$8. 21+. 9PM.
Poster by Nick Filth.

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Photos by Joey Orifice

Psychic Wounds
Photo by Michael R. Batchelder

PSYCHIC WOUNDS (Maine/New Hampshire)
Psychic Wounds crack open a can of 1970’s psychedelia and imbue the whole with classic riffing and uncanny experimentation, leading you off the gravitational pull and into a restless void – while being screeched at profusely and with heinous lament. Not for the vain, nor the unguided.


GNAW (New York)
Gnaw is a New York City noise/metal band created by Alan Dubin after the dissolution of Khanate and consisting of guitarist Brian Beatrice, multi-instrumentalist Carter Thornton, drummer Eric Neuser and sound designer Jun Mizumachi. In addition to the traditional 4 piece rock format and string and wind instruments, Gnaw utilizes found sound, home made instruments, tweaked oscillators, synthesis and manipulated recordings. The Wire magazine called Gnaw “a terrifying rock sextet whose blackened vision has enough dark energy to blot out the sun” and described Gnaw’s debut album, This Face, to be “unsettling but vital listening”.

About their sophomore album, released by Seventh Rule Recordings, Cvlt Nation claims, “Few bands have managed to pull off such a seamless and triumphant splicing of doom metal, noise and industrial as GNAW have managed to do with this album, and in this extremely unique, surreal and particular world the band dwells in, Horrible Chamber represents hands down industrial doom’s finest hour of 2013.”


SUFFER ON ACID (Massachusetts)
“Suffer On Acid is a 3-piece power violence band from Boston. The split features their new song “Mind For Mind” which is chaotic yet pleasing. It shows how they can be intricate and raw at the same time.” – deathwish inc

Clan of Dyad

Clan of Dyad is a duo comprised of Sylvia/Ocean singer/guitarist Ken “Candy” Carlson and ex-Eastern Spell drummer Eric Rancourt. For fans of Neurosis, Ocean, The Body and Primitive Man. Prepare for an assault on your senses!

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