[ :Facebook event: ]
@ SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St.,
Portland, Maine. All ages.
7:30 PM. $8.

[ :show documentation: ]
Photos by Michael R. Batchelder.


SHOW ME THE BODY (Massachusetts/New York)
“Calling something ‘progressive’ can sometimes be a reductive term. It’s a go-to tag for music that meanders, for instance. And it’s often a default phrase for anything remotely uncool, in the most cynical sense. The truth is, Queens/Western Massachusetts group Show Me The Body are ruthlessly cool. They progress, too. Snapping hardcore in half and giving punk a dose of new meds, their brutally raw form (on record and on stage) is a different kind of rush. As part of Ratking’s Letter Racer collective, they’re in the perfect place to continue progressing, all while putting a spin on that old term.” – DIY.

Show Me the Body is immediate and raw, powerful and inspiring, efusive and unrelenting. They’re like no other band on the scene, combining disparate elements of punk and hardcore, hip-hop and electronic music, folk and indie-rock… But this is not a pastiche or a tastless menagerie. Their sound is a deep synthesis, entirely new or their own. This is a band that has somehow shared the stage with BADBADBNOTGOOD, Ghostface Killah, Antwon, Trash Talk, Wiki, and Health, and never felt out of place…


Portland, Maine’s electro-punk feministas, keeping things real since 1999.

“If you thought Digital Hardcore was no longer produced, you aren’t awake. Phallus über Alles proves it is a genre that is still alive and kicking.” -Funprox Webzine


“Safe/word is the latest project of former CUSS frontman, Alex Merrill. Playing drums and doing some vocals, Alex brings that same energy through in this new amalgamation of sound, featuring Bob Ulrich on bass and Pat Bouchard on guitar and vocals. A gritty punk band with influences from noise rock and post-punk acts such as The Jesus Lizard, Sonic Youth, even a hint of the Pixies in there, all with a nice layer of fuzz evenly spread over the top of it. This three-song demo is danceable, mosh-able, fun, angry, sad, and happy all at once, That’s a lot to jam into three songs. I would put these guys on stage with Great Western Plain, or perhaps S.S. Cretins, that would make for a pretty awesome, sweaty-good time since they all have that same jammy sound but with an appreciation for a danceable repetition each in their own way.” – Machigonne

Photo by Kate MacDonald

Portland’s ambient noise/empath-feedback unit from Last Mercy Emissions mainman, J.Morse. Now featuring the texture, subtlety and aggression of guitarist J.Berube from the defunct Maine doom band, Mugwort.

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