[ :Facebook event: ]
@ Geno’s Rock Club,
625 Congress St., Portland, Maine.
$7. 21+. 9PM.
Illustrations by Jacob DeRaadt.

[ :show documentation: ]
Photos by Don Marietta

Photo by Joey Orifice

Sent from the deepest depths of the swirling void, Apollyon was conjured to annihilate and conquer. Upon the gathering of four death obsessed, sleaze ridden, hellhounds, a ripping metal death campaign was set into motion. Nocturnal sluts and beer drinking hellraisers everywhere will soon know to heed the call of the coffin and take the oath of allegiance to this unholy horde, or be crushed under cloven hooves. Apollyon’s blasphemous declarations of war upon false metal can be heard on their newly released EP, entitled “MIDNIGHT.”

Photo by Aaron Pepelis

IMPENITENT THIEF (Massachusetts)
“This may be this bands first release, but the members are anything but new to the band experience and the UG scene. As members of this band are or were in Witch Tomb (IT seems like it is a continuation from the ashes of Witch Tomb), Embryonic Cryptopathia, December Wolves, Blessed Offal, Hirudinea etc… Good thing Christ is nailed in place, because he would be swept away by the utter bestial filthy bombast, which is belching wonderfully out of my speakers. It is a total cacophony of grating, grinding, scourging metal sickness, in the vein of Profanatica, early Beherit, early Bathory, old Impaled Nazerene, Archgoat and the like. The vocals are like an exhilarating cheese grater to the brain, they will remind you much of Profanatica, as does the music of course. Both are intense and great, keeping up the tradition and great legacy of that legendary band. Definitely a must have for fans of the above mentioned bands and time periods. This is unrelenting!”  – Dale of Canadian Assault zine, reviewing the Impenitent Thief self-titled demo cassette on NoVisible Scars Records


Rumford/Dixfield’s death metal posse Hatred Alive returns to Geno’s Rock Club, for an evening of total cacophony. “Maine’s only long standing DEATH METAL band!!! Keeping it BRUTAL in the 207!”


Second show from Portland’s newest doom/thrash influenced project, featuring members of Swarmlord, Cryptic Overcast and Apollyon. A reason to show up early to welcome this highly-anticipated band to Maine’s metal landscape!

Sterile Garden
Photo by Heather Rose Murphy

Jacob DeRaadt of Sterile Garden will be performing transitional sets of his sound collage/manipulations between each band of the evening.

“Sterile Garden presents a work of stark & desolate beauty, where shuddering percussion thinks nothing of thundering through the pitch dark droning emptiness of abandoned factory floors, decaying shipyards & post-apocalyptic android hovels.” – Beartown Records

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