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@ Geno’s Rock Club,
625 Congress St., Portland, Maine.
7:30pm FREE Screening of
John Carpenter’s THE THING.
9pm Doors / 9:45 Noise. 21+. $7.
Flyer by Gregory Souza.

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Photos by Joey Oey

Photo by Tom Couture

FERAL (Maine)
“Journeys of transformation across the living earth, within and beyond. Being transfixed by eternity and death, becoming death (as when your life flashes before your eyes in a moment of extreme danger, disaster or illness and you connect with something more eternal than meat and emotions). It’s about those who succeed in transforming and surviving and those who fail and break in the same process, a herd of human animals trampling each other, changing, dying and escaping in the quest for some kind of frontier where ‘freedom’ has consequence, weight, and is more than just choices at the salad bar, but is instead the living and dying of all your friends and enemies and the rewriting of history in your own image.” – G.S. of Feral, interview by Robex Lundgren

Photo by Heather Rose Murphy

“Haxen have apparently been around since 2000, releasing a steady (if a bit sparse) stream of demo releases, yet it took some 16 years in order for their eponymous debut full-length to be finalised. Though hailing from the west coast of the Atlantic, the band seems to be wholeheartedly devoted to European scenes of yore, especially the Norwegian and the French (Les Legions Noires era) one, creating an album which revels in its rawness under the night skies.

Things are quite straightforward, as far as composition is concerned, yet not in a simpleton way. While many bands try to up the complexity of their musical structures, striving to establish their extremity that way, Haxen embrace rawness both sound- and composition-wise. Songs are rather short (most of them under the five minute marker), each permeated by a small number of tight-wrapped riffs, not much caring for progression, but rather holocaust-winding their way through the soundscapes of the release. Crispy guitars, a bass that is not as inaudible as one would expect, and a host of scratchy, harsh vocals make up the material building blocks of this release, while there is a hint (to say the least) of live recording in several tracks, distinct in the sound directness which mortars the whole. Yet melody is never far – listen to the mid-tempo decadent majesty of “Abismo” for instance.

If one is to name bands that seem to have influenced this creation, three groups stand out: Mutiilation (which can be held responsible for the romantic, archaic darkness evident in several tracks – for instance “Sleepwalking”), Carpathian Forest (to which is owed much on the aggressiveness and riff departments, as well as on the origins of thin layer of grooveness that appears sometimes) and Høstmørke-era Isengard (responsible for the slight thrashy edge, as well as the mosquito-buzz-like riffs – remember “Total Death”). One could deduce a triptych: dark and archaic grim melody, furious (sometimes bordering on death metal) riffing that strays on the chaotic, and a pinch of creative insectoid black thrash. In essence, this is distilled European blackness coming from the far side of the Atlantic. Nothing spectacularly original, but an album that is very well-written, and thrives like a parasite on the listener’s cravings for well-executed (mostly) 90s black metal.” – Industries of Inferno


Portland deathcore/metal act, Stillborn Condition, brings its unique brand of heaviness to the evening. Featuring ex-members of View From The Noose, for fans of Whitechapel, Operation Cunt Destroyer and Trial By Stone.


New heavy from Portland, with plenty of fuzz, hook and blast. Prepare.


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