[ :Facebook event: ]
@ SPACE Gallery, 538 Congress St.,
Portland, Maine. All ages.
8:00 PM. $8 adv./$10.
Please *donate* to Immortal Bird,
due to loss of their van, merch & all of their gear.

[ :show documentation: ]
Photos by Joey Oey


RUIN (Maine)
Portland’s RUIN makes their SPACE debut, headlining an evening of heavy music with their unique blend of thrash-influenced metal. RUIN have been forging their craft since 2005, having released three full lengths and shared the stage with Strapping Young Lad, Stuck Mojo, Goatwhore, and Fear Factory. Their newest and self-released album, Rite of Passage, only further exemplifies the band’s precision, articulate expression and discipline, in their pursuit of no-holds-barred American thrash metal.


WITHERED (Georgia)
Atlanta’s Withered have been traversing the depths of extreme metal since 2003. Their fourth album, Grief Relic was released by Season-of-Mist in May 2016, and features newcomers to the band: Ethan McCarthy (Primitive Man) and Colin Marston (Krallice, Gorguts), alongside the stalwart Mike Thompson and Beau Brandon.


Chicago’s Immortal Bird combine dissonance & black metal aesthetics into an ecstatic fury entirely of their own. Fronted by vocalist/lyricist Rae Amitay, their debut full length was co-released by Broken Limbs and Manatee Rampage.

Photo by Tom Couture

SHABTI (Maine)
Overflowing with riffs that have structural difficulty (without any Racer X-style solos), Paracusia remains an album of songs, not Berklee-trained boredom. The mid-range sound of the guitars snarl in and out of pure death metal, thrash, and black metal atonality, but flow from one section to another in a manner that always makes sense and keeps you attuned to the composition beneath the performances.”– Worm Gear review of “Paracusia” CD (self-released)

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