[ :Facebook event: ]
@ Geno’s Rock Club,
625 Congress St., Portland, Maine.
9pm. 21+. $10.

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Photos by Joey Oey


PILGRIM (Rhode Island)
“Let’s be real – Pilgrim is hands down one of the best doom bands in existence right now. The band’s two albums, 2012’s Misery Wizard and 2014’s II: Void Worship, are flat out amazing… While we’ve been informed there won’t be a new album until 2018, there has been a lineup change! The band has welcomed back bassist Eric “Count Elric the Soothsayer” Dittrich to the band, who performed on Misery Wizard!” –


HEAVY TEMPLE (Pennsylvania)
“Heavy Temple have stood proud as Philadelphia’s strongest doom export for years now. Their earthy vibes and ethereal compositions are all grounded in a far older tradition and remind us of the burning power this music has always had. I’ve always thought there is something very human about Heavy Temple, they are a group who understand the sheer potency of the genre but infuse it with so much else that you’re not listening to ‘just another doom band.’

In a crowded genre Heavy Temple have always placed an emphasis on frequent touring, DIY ethics and contributing to their local music scene. Heavy Temple are the sort of bad that most local bands aspire to be, exciting, unique and pushing for a future that could be far beyond what many of us might dream possible. If you’re trying to find the next big thing in doom, a band who seem to fuse Subrosa, Windhand, and Pentagram would probably be the ticket, and that’s exactly what Heavy Temple are.” –

Photo by Hillarie Jason

With a reformed lineup (featuring members of Holy Filth), Hessian return to Geno’s with their signature style of classic heavy metal mixed with occult rock. Expect a slightly more aggressive edge to this new manifestation, think an injection of Motorhead to their already formidable repertoire! A new record is currently in composition…

Manic Abraxas
Photo by Michael R. Batchelder

“Manic Abraxas’s sound is a heavy stylized lo-fi take on all things Sludge/Doom/Stoner Metal. As the band play a sound that’s high on Fuzz, Reverberation and distorted riffs… [they are] a band with style and substance as this is an album that may take a few listens to fully appreciate. When the band decides to go all out crazy with hazy psychedelic rhythms, the sound of the album takes a more reflective mood. Manic Abraxas deserve credit for including as many different sounds as they possibly can. If you dig Electric Wizard, Sleep and Sabbath then these psychedelic riffsters are worth checking out.” – The Sludgelord, review of the Manic Abraxas s/t album

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